Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Register with a Friend! Langley Fitness Bootcamp

There is strength in numbers! Social support can encourage physical activity. Having a buddy (or 2…or 3..!!) makes that support even more personal. 

Kizzy and Leanne ready to work it Body Buster Style in Langley!

3 Reasons to Work out with a friend:

Friendly Competition - that competitive edge (which we all secretly have a bit of) can give you that extra motivation to work out just a little bit harder!

Accountability - although Body Buster Classes promote accountability, having a friend can be an extra motivator to keep you going and stay faithful to your fitness routine.

Fun factor - experiencing the positivity and energy of a Body Buster class together makes it all the more fun!

The Next Body Buster Program Starts March 16th & 17th