Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bootcamper of the Program! Congratulations Kizzy!

Kizzy - Langley - Surrey, BC

"I feel stronger and more capable of completing challenging physical activities."

I joined Body Buster Fitness in November, 2013. I enjoy having my workouts scheduled into my week and working out with other people. I really love how every workout is different. The variety in each workout keeps things from getting boring and continues to challenge my body week after week. Although there are many people in the class, I feel like Kim is in tune with my abilities and tailors the workouts to challenge me without overwhelming me. I have actually gained about 8-10 lbs in muscle. My clothes fit better and I feel great but I weigh a bit more. My upper body strength has improved noticeably.

I have chosen to continue with Body Buster because I truly enjoy attending each class. I look forward to going, feel great when I’m done, and love the improvements I’ve seen in my strength and abilities. Overall I feel stronger and more capable of completing challenging physical activities. I feel wonderful after each class knowing that I’m working hard to keep my body healthy and strong. I have been able to see the improvements in my abilities from the before and after fit tests each session.

I have gained physical strength as well as improved in my ability to push myself physically. I don’t hesitate to try new things and enjoy being physically active outside of the program where I can use my improved strength. Working out with Body buster fitness has improved my abilities and my confidence.

I would tell people who may have never taken the Body Buster Program to give it a try. The program is tailored to all abilities and provides a great workout no matter your fitness level. Everyone is very supportive and encouraging in class and I have met some wonderful people. It’s a lot of fun and takes the monotony out of working out.

Congrats Kizzy, Bootcamper of the Program in Langley BC!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Boot Camp Langley BC

Body Buster Fitness Bootcamp Location Profile:
United Churches of Langley

Situated in the Murrayville area of Langley, this location is ideal whether you're coming from Aldergrove or Cloverdale. With a large grassy area outdoors and a spacious hall for the cooler months, this location has it all!

Classes at the United Churches of Langley run Monday, Wednesday and Friday with several class times to choose from.

Make fitness a part of your life in a happy, healthy & rewarding way!

Next Body Buster Boot Camp Program starts
AUGUST 4th! We Want YOU There!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

New 9:30am Bootcamp Fitness Class

Rise and Shine with Body Buster Bootcamp!
We are introducing a new 9:30am Time Slot in Langley

Get your workout in early and train Body Buster-style!

Where: United Churches of Langley (Indoor/Outdoor year round location)
When: Mondays & Wednesdays

Register before July 25th at 11:59pm to receive a FREE Body Buster gift!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Body Buster Outdoor Class - Summer Outdoor Fitness

Changing up your workouts is the key to getting results and avoiding the dreaded plateau. Last program, Body Buster did what we do best...turned it up a notch! Classes included some hardcore stair and hill workouts to push members to that next level. 

 Hill sprints make you work against gravity and therefore are a fantastic way to increase your power, speed and endurance. Working at this intense level puts a higher demand on your respiratory and cardiovascular system thus making them stronger. Hill sprints are low impact resulting in strong bones and a reduced chance of injury because of body positioning, shorter strides and the incline of the hill. 

It's also fun, fast and intense!

Like hill sprints, stairs allow us to again work against gravity and provides both cardiovascular and strength training benefits. It has a particular emphasis on the lower body. 

21562 Old Yale Rd. Langley, B.C.