Friday, August 23, 2013

Fitness Bootcamps in Langley and Surrey

Langley and Surrey Boot Camps


I have a couple of different fitness memberships and have put them both aside to stay with Body Buster.

I have been a Body Buster Member Since June of 2013

I love the atmosphere, the location and most of all our trainer Kim. She is so motivating and fun and the same time. Makes me never want to miss a class. There is never the same class twice and although it gets harder you feel so motivated by Kim and her enthusiasm. She keeps you going and it is such an amazing feeling to finish. It gives me energy throughout the entire day. Love it. Kim always has a smile on her face and makes the program work for you. Kim makes you feel that she is your personal trainer.

I have lost a couple of pounds, but my intention was to tone and feel good and get motivated again. It worked!!!!!
I have chosen to continue with Body Buster as everything is perfect, from the outdoor setting to the motivation Kim provides. I have a couple of different fitness memberships and have put them both aside to stay with Body Buster. The group setting is amazing as you get to see everyones accomplishments and work together.

I feel amazing being at Body Buster, my cardio is improving along with my strength. I have more energy. Going to the fitness center by myself was just getting boring and I couldn’t get motivated. The program has got me up and moving again and feeling more confident. I am back to eating better and not feeling sluggish.

I have gained confidence, feel healthier more motivated and energetic, I can’t wait for the next class. The body buster program has given me back my reason to workout!

Try it, you won’t be disappointed that’s for sure. It is a great way to meet people and get fit. It only takes one class to get hooked and when you do you will never be disappointed. All you have to do is try it. There really is no excuse not to.

No pain no gain and no excuses. Personal training in a group atmosphere. I originally started and was planning on staying for a couple of months but, I will admit I am hooked and don’t see myself turning back. What more could you ask for. As long as the program works for me. I will be there. Thanks Kim for kicking my butt.

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