Saturday, October 5, 2013

Indoor Fitness Bootcamp Langley - Be Accountable

Be Accountable - Body Buster Fitness Bootcamp Langley

Have you ever gotten a gym membership and went strong for the first month then tapered off after that? You'd drive past your gym on the way home from work and try to look the other way? If you said yes…Hey, you're just like the rest of us! It is hard to remain accountable when no one knows you're missing or how many days you've skipped your workout. You have no one to be accountable TO! Finding a group fitness setting with a trainer is great for accountability purposes. Your classes are scheduled, the trainer and your fellow fitness group are expecting you to show up. People take notice when you're missing and you feel a little more obligated to be there. Better yet, bring a friend. There is strength in numbers! Social support can encourage physical activity. Having a buddy (or 2…or 3..!!) makes that support even more personal.

Fitness is easier when you have motivation and support from others, and we are a group fitness environment for that reason! As we challenge ourselves in a vigorous workout, we also encourage each other to push it just a little bit further! 

Body Buster Fitness Bootcamp is a fun and dynamic exercise program that gets you into great shape through intense workouts! 

ALL fitness levels welcome! Our unique program can be modified or progressed to accommodate men and women of all fitness levels.

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