Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Langley Boot Camp Blog - Bootcamper of the Program!

Alexandra & Cristina

"I now have my set time for focusing on my health and relaxing from every day stress." & "I am definitely stronger physically and mentally."

I have been a Body Buster member for two years and a half. 
I love that at Body Buster every class is different and you never get bored. I also enjoy training with a group of people where we motivate each other. 
I lost 10 inches. 
I have chosen to continue with Body Buster because I constantly improve my fitness. The instructors are great at motivating me to push myself harder. 
Body Buster has helped me become stronger and meet various fitness goals. The program has especially improved my cardio endurance.  I also feel mentally stronger and ready to meet any challenge. I am more relaxed in my daily life even on the more stressful work days. 
I now have my set time for focusing on my health and relaxing from every day stress. I met a great group of people that help me motivate me to meet new fitness goals.  I have gained a new healthier way of life through exercise and better nutrition. 
Body Buster is for any fitness level because instructors modify the exercises to meet your needs. Even if you are already working out, Body Buster will help you pass any plateau and achieve new goals in a way that other programs will not.
Even though classes are tough sometimes, I love being part of Body Buster program. It has become a way of life for me. When I am away, I cannot wait to get back to challenging myself at Body Buster. 

I started Body Buster Bootcamp because my daughter Alex encouraged me to do so. She inspired me to push myself and get again fit. I've been a Body Buster member only since July 2012, but I feel like I am with BB since ever.
What I like most is that the trainers know how to get the best out of us and to make us a stronger person. I like that every class is different and when we workout in teams. Everyone is so supportive. We are like a family taking care of each other in hard times.
I lost about 5-6 kg and 4-5 cm in all the dimensions.
The Body Buster program makes me feel good about myself. While working out in the class I focus on pushing myself, therefore I forget about all the daily problems. After class I feel rejuvenated, stronger and more energetic. I feel stronger, less sick and whenever I get a cold I get well faster. I am definitely stronger physically and mentally, and I slimmed down and got a great body shape.
I would tell anyone who has not taken this program before that Body Buster will change their life in a positive way, and if they want to lose weight and get healthier, this is the right place to do so. They don't have to worry about starting in a bad body shape or at older age. The trainers give everyone lots of options to be able to adjust to your own fitness level.
I enjoy being a Body Buster member. I can't imagine my life without Body Buster Fitness.

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