Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Body Buster Outdoor Class - Summer Outdoor Fitness

Changing up your workouts is the key to getting results and avoiding the dreaded plateau. Last program, Body Buster did what we do best...turned it up a notch! Classes included some hardcore stair and hill workouts to push members to that next level. 

 Hill sprints make you work against gravity and therefore are a fantastic way to increase your power, speed and endurance. Working at this intense level puts a higher demand on your respiratory and cardiovascular system thus making them stronger. Hill sprints are low impact resulting in strong bones and a reduced chance of injury because of body positioning, shorter strides and the incline of the hill. 

It's also fun, fast and intense!

Like hill sprints, stairs allow us to again work against gravity and provides both cardiovascular and strength training benefits. It has a particular emphasis on the lower body. 

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