Thursday, February 27, 2014

Congrats - Bootcampers of the Program!

Body Buster Fitness Bootcamp Langley

Linda and Mary are what we like to call "Diehard Body Buster Members"

Both ladies have seen major successes in the Body Buster program including huge increases in both their cardiovascular and muscular endurance. What is so great about both Mary and Linda is that they are in this together - and motivate/encourage each other during the process. Their positive attitudes and willingness to have fun while really pushing themselves in the classes is why they are perfect candidates for " Body Buster Bootcampers of the program".

Rarely do we nominate two people together - however this awesome pair of ladies were equally deserving.
They have come a long way with their fitness since beginning with Body Buster and continue to push past barriers and do better and better every class.

Click here to read what Linda & Mary have to say!

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