Sunday, March 2, 2014

Langley Men's Fitness Boot Camp

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More and more men are working out in a Group Fitness environment these days. Not only can you work closely with a qualified trainer but the efficiency and variety of a group fitness class will push you past a plateau and challenge you to learn something new!

Check out what Andrew (a real Body Buster member) has to say...

I'm always looking for a good challenge and a way to push myself harder. Being a hockey player, I know a good workout and love to test my endurance and strength. Body Buster Fitness allows me to use my athleticism and push it to a new level with the activities that provide a range of conditioning techniques that work your whole body while targeting specific muscle groups. 

The workouts have proven to provide results and have improved my overall fitness, which has consequently made me a better hockey player. I can push myself and the trainers push you even more, which gives results that you'll be happy to see.

There are multiple ways you can modify an exercise to better suit you or push your limits to really reach your fitness goals. If you are a fit guy or a guy looking to be fit, I challenge you to sign up for Body Buster to improve your strength and fitness! -Andrew H.

Register for Men's and Women's bootcamp programs - March 17th

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