Sunday, March 23, 2014

CONGRATS JILL - Boot Camper of the Year!



Body Buster Fitness Bootcamper of the YEAR 2013!
Congratulations Jill - Body Buster Fitnes Bootcamper of the YEAR 2013!
A big congrats goes out to Jill C. in the High Park 7:30pm class.
Jill is an amazing Body Buster Bootcamper and has come such a long way in her many years taking the program.
Jill's positive attitude is inspiring and a pleasure to have in the class. 
She is dedicated, truly committed to her workouts and gives her all each and every class she does. Jill has made Body Buster a part of her life throughout many life changes - including working out Body Buster style before and after giving birth to her daughter Nov. 2012.
Jill's results have been incredible and are a reflection of how hard she has worked to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle in the Body Buster Fitness Program. Jill has  lost a total of 82 lbs - 30 lbs a few years ago when she first began with the program and then 52 lbs after her daughter was born (after gaining 40 lbs during her pregnancy).
Jill is the real deal. She comes to class to work on herself, to push past barriers and accomplish as much as she can while she's there. She continually revisits her nutrition as well to maintain a healthy and balanced life.
We are very proud of and happy for Jill. She has come a long way since beginning her journey with Body Buster and continues to meet and exceed fitness goals as time goes on.
Congratulations Jill - Body Buster Bootcamper of the Year 2013!!!

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